Wednesday, April 20, 2011

'Good' Schooling- the BIG challenge in Mumbai!

We were a land once known for our biggest tangible and intangible asset- education. India was lauded for the products of its sound education system. Have we lost it somewhere along the way or am I looking in the wrong direction.

By far my boys have been to three different schools in Mumbai - two of them very popular- and all have been major disappointments :(. This time having moved a more central location in the metropolis, school admissions were a bigger challenge than preparing for a big war! The two High and Mighty names around Powai are both extremely high-nosed about even talking and feel the only people worthy of communicating with visitors are their watchmen (who are haughty and audacious emperors in their own right!). I happened to meet a parent of one of the Biggies and what she had to say stunned me.. quote unquote ' Scottish are sticky about everything,but where is the choice in Powai?'- and here I was considering myself unlucky for not being able to get past their heavily guarded main gate...She added, ' there's nothing great about the school but unfortunately we run after brands and brand names even if they are well past their selling date'.

The schools offering the international syllabus seem to be the only ones offering admissions but then how are the kids passing from these schools going to shape up and how practically equipped will they be to deal with life after school is a BIG question!

As I picked up my little one from his cricket lessons I was still wondering which is the place to get them a sound education?


Parul said...

I can't imagine going through it some years down the line

Parul said...
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turmericnspice said...

They have made a business out of education. if the kid scores well, it is the school that is amazing, if he fails it must be the kid or parents. What are we doing to our kids....100% cut off for collage :( it's sad.